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Question:  I think my husband's cheating and I want to catch him and get a divorce on my terms. And I want a lot of alimony because I have had to put up with this for years.

I'm thinking of hiring a private detective to follow him because I know he has a girlfriend and I think he sees her after work and sometimes on the weekends. He comes home late and when I ask what he's been doing he says that he's been working late, but I don't trust him because he lies.

He gets a lot of texts at night but he says they are for work. But when I checked they had nothing to do with work and were about things like restaurants and clothes. And a friend of mine said that he saw my husband out to lunch with a woman and when I asked him about it he said that it wasn't him.

Last week I saw a charge on his personal credit card for a hotel in Atlanta and when I confronted him about it he said that it must be a mistake, because he's never been to that hotel.

I want to bust him for cheating so I want to hire an investigator to help me find out what's really going on with him and if he really does have a girlfriend. I want to know if you can help me hire a private investigator and what the investigator can do to help me.

This is my second marriage and my first husband was also cheating and I wish I hired an investigator to follow him.

N.R. in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Answer:  As divorce attorneys, we have utilized private investigators on cases. We can certainly recommend several that are quite good.

A good P.I. will be able to ascertain if your husband is having an extramarital relationship and with whom. A good private investigator is patient, smart, resourceful and knowledgeable regarding the latest surveillance techniques and technology. Many use GPS tracking on a subject's automobile to determine that person's whereabouts. In fact, GPS car tracking is heavily utilized by many private investigators.

Besides using GPS car tracking, a P.I. may use various visual surveillance devices like technologically-advanced hidden cameras.

Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, a private investigator can sometimes be very useful.

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